Mayor Rob Ford Has Cancer

rob-ford-powers (1)

Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with Malignant Liposarcoma, an extremely rare type of cancer. Ford will undergo 3 days of chemotherapy, then will be released for 17 days. He will go through two cycles of chemo.

Dr. Zane Cohan announced today that the results of the tests have resulted in the discovery of the specific type of tumor Ford has in his abdomen. He called the tumor “fairly aggressive” and it hasn’t spread to other organs of the body.

The press conference comes after days of Mayor Ford in hospital and very little to no information was released to the media. The decision to inform the public came from the Ford family, who has been in and out of Mount Sinai Hospital as of late.

Doctors had discovered one tumor during the first biopsy. The size was around the same as a baseball, 12 cm in diameters. Then they also discovered another one which is around 2cm x 2cm in the second biopsy.

Shortly after the announcement from Dr. Zane Cohan, mayoral candidates Olivia Chow and John Tory spoke at City Hall regarding the recent news of Rob Ford’s condition. Chow said “I wish Rob Ford well, I know how it feels like when a family receives bad news”. She is referring to the time when her husband Jack Layton was diagnosed with cancer twice. The first was prostate cancer, the second time caused his death in 2011.

Chow also battled thyroid cancer back in 2004, and won her battle when it was removed. After Layton recovered from his first fight with cancer, he survived until her suffered again. This time Layton and his family decided not to announce what type of cancer he was suffering through (To this day, only his close friends and family knows). It was a decision that Jack believed would have helped those who are affected from that specific type of cancer. He hoped for them not to be discouraged by his failing health. Layton succumbed to cancer on August 22, 2011 following a successful second place finish in the federal election in May of 2011.

Meanwhile, Doug Ford has yet to begin his campaign for Mayor. On Friday, coming close to the deadline Rob decided to drop out of the race and let his brother Doug take his spot while Rob runs for Ward 2. The swap came to shock to many Torontoians and other international news outlets.

Today “Rob” was taken off the “Rob Ford Campaign Office” sign at the Scarborough location, slowly showing signs of change. And Doug Ford should be entering the full campaign soon.

When asked about continuing the campaign, John Tory said “That’s what we all want, we want the best news for Rob”, keeping his presser on the topic of the Mayor’s health. Olivia on the other hand was more sincere when the Doug Ford’s campaign was brought up. “I am not running against a person, I am running against their ideas” said Chow. Both candidates sent their thoughts and messages to Mayor Ford. Tory says “We do know Mayor Ford is a fighter”, Chow says “You got to take all the strength you have to stay hopeful, stay optimistic and say ‘I can beat this'” and Doug Ford releasing a statement with the final line saying “Rob will beat this”.

We will just have to wait and see.

I wish Rob Ford and his family the very best, and for a clean bill of health. Rob is a strong and confident man. He will get by this.

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