Sarah Thomson Drops Out

The lady with dreads running for Mayor is no more. Sarah Thomson has decided to drop out of the Mayoral Race. But she won’t be off the ballot. Especially not in Ward 20 Trinity Spadina. Thomson has decided to leave the race for Toronto’s most prestigious title. She now has decided to run for Councillor in Ward 20. The seat that was left vacant by former CityTV reporter Adam Vaughan when he decided to run federally.

This may possibly be the best decision for Sarah Thomson. For her it was a long shot to win the Mayor’s seat. She ran in 2010 and also dropped out. Thomson also ran for Trinity Spadina federally, against Olivia Chow in 2011, but lost.


Her efforts in trying to make it into politics may finally pay off this election. She is now running for the council seat, but she will have a few hurdles to jump over. There are over 20 candidates running in Trinity Spadina. One of those candidates is Joe Cressy. Olivia Chow’s former assistant, and a former candidate who ran against Adam Vaughan in a by-election on June 30th, 2014. Cressy was able to garner 11,802 votes. And if those who voted for him this past June vote for him again, Cressy has it in the bag.

Thomson would need to work hard as she has been doing the past couple of months. If she made the decision to drop out earlier, she could possibly win the ward. But now that we’ve got less than 60 days till election day, her chances are there, but she would need to work really hard to get her name out and her policies in place.

She stood on the platform of “Anyone But Ford” and was hoping to split the vote so that Ford does not get elected. Thomson also stood as “The Only Liberal Candidate”. And now that she is running in Trinity Spadina, where they elected a Liberal for the federal seat, the question stands. Will the Justin Trudeau wave continue through into the municipal election? And has Trinity Spadina moved on from the Olivia Chow and NDP era?

We will just have to wait and see.

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