David Soknacki Waves The White Flag.


Soknacki who? You won’t need to know on October 27th, because he won’t be on the ballot running for Mayor anymore. Tonight, David Soknacki has officially announced that he will be leaving the race to become Toronto’s next mayor. He ran a strong campaign, but continued to trail with 4% in the polls. Far behind the top 3, he continued to run for nine months, attending debates and events to make himself known. He was the first major politician to announce his candidacy for Mayor. 

As I recall from January it was Soknacki vs. Ford. Ford had 35%, while Soknacki had around 7%. Clearly he didn’t have much of a chance from day 1. Yet he continued to fight for what needed to be changed. Showing perseverance he stuck through it even when Tory and Chow announced their hope to run for Mayor of Canada’s largest city.

Soknacki’s hope for transit in the city was clear, but many didn’t approve. He wanted to change the vote that has been debated on for the past four years, the Scarborough Subway. Soknacki wanted to invest into LRTs, a cheaper and faster (to build) solution. He also wanted to tackle the Police Budget, but that wasn’t a issue the other candidates wanted to talk about. 

His platform was the most realistic platform out of all (According to some Journalists). Whenever he was talking about his plans, it seemed more real and possible. 

Since Karen Stinz dropped out last month, it was a clear call that Soknacki should drop out too. Stinz left due to financial problems and poor poll numbers. She also ranked at about 4-5%.

Tonight he decided to drop out. He announced after not attending the debate that the Italian Community was holding. It was also his 60th Birthday. A right choice.

Unfortunately, it is sad to see many hours, days, and months go to waste. I wanted Soknacki to stay until the end. But I guess it wasn’t for him. Hopefully he runs for a city council seat so that all the time he spent campaigning doesn’t go to waste. Soknacki, the former budget chief could be a perfect fit for a city councillor. He was one before and it could be a great time for him to rejoin city council. His opinions and intentions were clear. As a city councillor he would be able to bring forward his ideas. Remember, the Mayor’s vote on council floor is just one out of forty four. And a councillor’s vote is the same. 

Soknacki could possibly win a seat in Scarborough. If he decides to run for council, it should be for Ward 43 – Scarborough East. Yes, it is held by Paul Ainslie but after Ainslie “flip-flopped” over the Scarborough Subway/LRT many voters may not approve of his choice and could lose steam. David Soknacki is also pro-LRT, but the Ward wouldn’t mind seeing a change. But there is just one problem with this seat. Ainslie endorsed Soknacki back in the early stages out the campaign.

We will just have to wait and see.  


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